Use of Blockchain in Bond Trading & Key Advantages

One of the most effective use cases of blockchain technology is in the bond markets. Before we get into details about how blockchain can be used, let’s first review the current state of the bond market and how it operates. Conventional Bond Markets Bonds are currently...

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Understanding Contingent Convertible or CoCo Bonds

Before going into the technicalities of the complex nature of Additional Tier 1 or AT1 CoCo bonds, it is imperative to understand the origination of this unique bond and its place in the financial markets. Prior to the Global Financial Crisis, there was a clear...

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Understanding High Yield Bonds | Asia

What are High Yield Bonds? High yield bonds are also known as speculative or junk bonds. Bonds falling under this category are typically issued by companies with weaker financials and/or cash flow stability such that they are deemed to have higher probability of...

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What are Bonds and How Do They Work?

Bonds are debt instruments that are sold by a borrower to a lender in exchange for capital. Similar to loans, bonds carry a fixed rate of interest (coupon) that the borrower (bond issuer) pays to the lender (bond investor) until the maturity date, on which the...

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