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The coronavirus has impacted bond prices world over

What happened to yours?

Two-way bond prices, bond reference data, yield & spread analysis, bond prospectuses and more!

Key Features

#1 Transparent Bond Prices

Two-way bond prices – at your fingertips!

#2 News – Curated for the bond investor

Artificial intelligence powered news engine to help you make informed investment decisions.


BondEvalue emerged as the 2017 Asia-Pacific champion of the IBM Watson Build Competition. The award was given to BondEvalue for successful implementation of an artificial intelligence-based fixed income news engine.

#3 New Bond Issue Alerts

Stay updated on the primary markets – from new bond
deal alerts to pricing on the secondary market post issuance

#4 Bond Screener

Find the right bond for you by filtering for bonds based
on country, currency, tenor, yield, etc.

World’s 1st Blockchain-Based Bond Exchange

where bonds can be traded electronically in sizes of US$1,000

Launching soon

Bringing Smiles to Private Bond Investors Since 2016

We are a Singapore-based fintech company that specializes in bond market technology. The founding team has
over 100 years of experience in debt capital markets and tech.

Bond Market Blog

Use of Blockchain in Bond Trading & Key Advantages

One of the most effective use cases of blockchain technology is in the bond markets. Before we get into details about how blockchain can be used, let’s first review the

Bhart Bond

‘Bharat Bond Fund’ to be India’s first corporate bond Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

India’s Union Cabinet has approved the launch of the first corporate bond ETF to be managed by Edelweiss AMC. The ‘Bharat Bond ETF’ as it is called will launch in

Understanding Contingent Convertible or CoCo Bonds

Before going into the technicalities of the complex nature of Additional Tier 1 or AT1 CoCo bonds, it is imperative to understand the origination of this unique bond and its

Understanding High Yield Bonds | Asia

What are High Yield Bonds? High yield bonds are also known as speculative or junk bonds. Bonds falling under this category are typically issued by companies with weaker financials and/or

What are Bonds and How Do They Work?

Bonds are debt instruments that are sold by a borrower to a lender in exchange for capital. Similar to loans, bonds carry a fixed rate of interest (coupon) that the

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Premium Annual Plan @ US$441 (25% discount)


US$ 199 /month

Track up to 100 bonds each in your Portfolio & Watchlist

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Pro Annual Plan @ US$1,791 (25% discount)

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